wtforms 2.2.1-3 Flexible forms validation and rendering library for python web development
wx-base 1 Meta package for AOSC OS WxWidgets runtime support
wxgtk+32 GTK+ implementation of wxWidgets API for GUI
wxgtk-3+32 3.0.4-2 GTK+ implementation of wxWidgets API for GUI
x11-lib+32 7.7.20200908 X11R7 Libraries
x11-proto 1:2021.5 X11 protocols and development headers
x11-proto+32 2019.2-1 X11R7 Protocols
x264+32 20160827.2245-1 H264 encoding library (optenv32)
x265+32 2.2-1 Open source H265/HEVC video encoder (optenv32)
xbitmaps 1.1.2-2 Bitmap images used by multiple applications that are built in to Xorg server
xcalibrate 0.9+git20200330 A script for calibrating touch screens using libinput
xcb-proto 1:1.15.2 XCB protocol headers
xcb-proto+32 1.13 XCB protocol on 32subsystem
xcffib 0.7.0-3 Python drop-in replacement for xpyb, an XCB python binding
xcursor-themes 1.0.6 X11 cursor themes
xdg-utils 3:1.1.3 Command line tools that assist applications with a variety of desktop integration tasks
xfce-base 3 Meta package for XFCE desktop environment
xfce4-panel-profiles 1.0.13-1 Simple application for managing Xfce panel layouts
xfwm4-themes 4.10.0-3 Extra themes for Xfwm4
xiaolai-font 3.11-1 A Kanji/Kana font derived from SetoFont / Naikai Font / cjkFonts-AllSeto (Simplified Chinese version)
xkeyboard-config 2.36 Keyboard configuration database for X11
xmltoman 0.4-4 Convert xml to man pages in groff format or html
xsimd 10.0.0 C++ wrappers for SIMD intrinsics and parallelized, optimized mathematical functions
xvidcore+32 1.3.7-1 XviD is an open source MPEG-4 video codec (optenv32)
xz+32 5.2.5 General-purpose data compression software with a high compression ratio (optenv32)
yard 0.9.26 Documentation tool for consistent and usable documentation in Ruby
yarn 1.22.17 Fast reliable and secure dependency management
yaspin 1.2.0-1 A Python written fancy terminal spinner
ydcv 0.7-2 YouDao Console Version - for YouDao Online Dictionary (Chinese - English)
yelp-tools 42.0 Tools for creating Yelp documentation
yelp-xsl 42.0 Yelp stylesheets in XSL
ykdl 1.8.0~a2-1 A video downloader for various video sites in China mainland.
you-get 0.4.1555 A YouTube/Youku/Niconico video downloader written in Python
youtube-dl 1:0 Transitional package for youtube-dlp
yozai-font 0.85 A Chinese handwriting font derived from YozFont
yt-dlp 2023.07.06 Command-line program to download videos from YouTube and other video sites
yubikey-manager 4.0.1-1 Command line and GUI tool for configuring YubiKeys, over all transports
zbase32 1.1.5-2 An alternate base32 encoder (not RFC 3548 compliant)
zd1211-firmware 1.5 Firmware for USB wireless card driven by zd1211rw driver.
zdic-cli 0.0.1-3 An offline command-line interface to dictionary
zeroconf 0.28.6-1 A pure-Python implementation of multicast DNS service discovery
zeroconf-ioslave 1:0 KIO module for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf) (transitional package for kio-zeroconf)
zlib+32 1.2.11-1 A Massively Spiffy Yet Delicately Unobtrusive Compression Library (optenv32)
zope-component 4.4.1-3 Represents the core of the Zope Component Architecture
zope-event 4.3.0-3 A simple event system
zsh-completions 0.32.0-1 Additional completion definitions for Zsh
zsh-syntax-highlighting 0.7.1 Syntax highlighting support for Zsh
zshdb 20170905 A debugger for Zsh scripts

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