beancount 2.2.1-4 Double-Entry Accounting from Text Files
bear 3.1.4 Tool to generate compilation database for clang tooling
bedtools 2.31.1 A powerful tool for genome arithmetic
benchmark 1.8.2 A microbenchmark support library
bibletime-trinity 14.1.0 A Bible study program for the Trinity Desktop Environment
bigsh0t 2.5.1 A collection of frei0r plugins for VR video
bijiben 40.1-4 A note taking application for GNOME
bind 1:9.18.24-1 Internet Domain Name Server (from ISC)
binserve 0.2.0-2 A web server with routing, templating, and security features
binutils 2.42 A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object files
binutils+32 2.42 A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object files (optenv32)
binutils+cross-amd64 2.42 Binutils for amd64 cross build
binutils+cross-arm64 2.42 Binutils for arm64 cross build
binutils+cross-loongarch64 2.42 Binutils for loongarch64 cross build
binutils+cross-loongson3 2.42 Binutils for loongson3 cross build
binutils+cross-mips64r6el 2.42 Binutils for mips64r6el cross build
binutils+cross-powerpc 2.42 Binutils for powerpc cross build
binutils+cross-ppc64 2.42 Binutils for ppc64 cross build
binutils+cross-ppc64el 2.42 Binutils for ppc64el cross build
binutils+cross-riscv64 2.42 Binutils for riscv64 cross build
binutils+w64 2.42 Binutils for the MinGW w64 environment
bird 2.15.1 Fully functional dynamic IP routing daemon
bison 3.8.2 The GNU general purpose parser generator
black-hole-solver 1.10.1 A solver for Black Hole solitaire
blastem 0.6.2-2 Fast and accurate Genesis emulator
blender 4.0.2-2 A fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
blinken 23.08.5 A game of pattern memory
bliss-graphs 0.73-2 A library for computing automorphism groups and canonical forms of graphs
bluecurve-gtk-themes 1.0.0-1 Bluecurve GTK+ theme
bluedevil 5.27.11 Modules for integration of Bluez stack into Plasma workspace and applications
blueman 2:2.4.2 A GTK+ utility for managing Bluetooth connections and devices
bluez 5.76 The Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux
bluez-alsa 4.1.1 ALSA PCM adapter for bluez
bluez-qt 5.115.0 Qt wrapper for Bluez DBus API
bluez-tools 1:0+git20201024 A set of tools to manage Bluetooth devices for Linux
blur-effect 1.1.3-2 Off-screen image blurring utility using OpenGL ES 3.0
bmon 4.0-1 Bandwidth monitor and rate estimator
bochs 2.8 A portable x86 PC emulation software package
bogofilter 1.2.5-2 A fast Bayesian spam filtering tool
boinc 8.0.2 Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing for desktop
boinctui 2.7.1 Text-mode BOINC client manager
bolt 0.9.8 Thunderbolt 3 device manager
bomber 23.08.5 A single player arcade bomber game
boost 1:1.83.0 Boost C++ libs
boot-base 4 Meta package for AOSC OS bootloader support
borgbackup 1.2.8 Deduplicating archiver with compression and authenticated encryption.
botan 1.10.17-5 C++ cryptography library
botan-2 2.12.1 C++ cryptography library (version 2)
bottom 0.9.6 A cross-platform graphical process/system monitor with a customizable interface
bovo 23.08.5 A Gomoku like game for two players
bpftrace 0.20.4 High-level tracing language and utilities for BPF, kprobes, uprobes and tracepoints
brasero 1:3.12.3-1 Disc burning application for GNOME
bread-dog 0.2.1 A menu-driven proxy server switcher for Clash
breakpad 20200909-1 An open-source multi-platform crash reporting system
breeze 5.27.11 Breeze visual style for the Plasma Desktop
breeze-plymouth 5.27.11 Breeze theme for Plymouth
bridge-utils 1.7.1 Utilities for configuring the Linux Ethernet bridge
brisk-menu 0.6.2 A combined menu for the MATE Desktop
brltty 6.6-2 Braille display driver for Linux/Unix
brotli 1.1.0 Brotli compression library and utility

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