glew 2.2.0-3 The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
glib 2.72.3-4 Common C routines used by GTK+ and other libs
glib-networking 2.72.2-2 Network extensions for GLib
glibc 1:2.37 GNU C Library
glog 0.3.5-2 Logging library for C++
glpk 5.0 GNU Linear Programming Kit
glslang 11.11.0 An OpenGL and OpenGL ES shader front end and validator.
glu 9.0.1-1 GLU GL API libs
gmime-3 3.2.7-1 Core MIME parsing library (version 3)
gmp 1:6.2.0-1 GNU Multiprecision library
gnome-desktop 42.4 Library with common API for various GNOME modules
gnome-session 42.0 GNOME session data and handler
gnupg 1:2.3.8 Complete and free implementation of the OpenGPG standard
gnuplot 5.2.8-3 Plotting package which outputs to X11, PostScript, PNG, GIF and others
gnutls 3.6.15-1 Library that provides a secure layer over a reliable transport layer
gobject-introspection 1:1.72.0-1 Introspection system for GObject-based libraries
gpart 0.3-1 Partition table rescue/guessing tool
gperf 3.1-3 A perfect hash function generator
gpgme 1.18.0 A C wrapper library for GnuPG
gpm 1.20.7-9 Mouse server for the console and xterm
gptfdisk 1.0.9 A text-mode partitioning tool that works on GUID Partition Table disks
graphene 1.10.2-1 A thin layer of graphic data types
graphite 1.3.14 Reimplementation of the SIL Graphite text processing engine
graphviz 2.50.0-1 Graph visualization software
grep 3.8 A pattern-based string searcher
groff 1.22.4-3 GNU Nroff alternative
gsl 2.5-1 The GNU Scientific Library
gsm 1.0.19 Shared libraries for GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression
gssproxy 0.8.2 A gss-proxy protocol to allow proxying of GSSAPI context establishment and channel handling
gst-plugins-base-0-10 0.10.36-6 GStreamer base plugins
gstreamer 1.22.0-1 A modular and extensible multimedia framework
gstreamer-0-10 0.10.36+git20130918-1 GStreamer Multimedia Framework - 0.10 branch
gtest 1.10.0+git20210513 Google Test - C++ testing utility based on the xUnit framework (like JUnit)
gtk-2 2.24.33-1 GIMP toolkit version 2
gtk-3 3.24.34-2 GIMP toolkit version 3
gtk-4 4.6.7-2 GIMP toolkit version 3
gtk-doc 1.33.2-3 API documentation generation tool for GTK+ and GNOME
gts 121130 Provides useful functions to deal with 3D surfaces meshed with interconnected triangles
guile 3.0.4-2 A portable, embeddable Scheme implementation written in C
guile-2.2 2.2.7-1 A portable, embeddable Scheme implementation written in C (legacy 2.2 branch)
gzip 1:1.12 A compression utility designed to be a replacement for compress (UNIX)
harfbuzz 2.6.7 OpenType text shaping engine
hddtemp 0.3.52-4 Gives you the temperature of your hard drive by reading S.M.A.R.T. information
hdf5 1.10.5-3 General purpose library and file format for storing scientific data
hdparm 9.65-2 Tools for manipulating hard disk drive parameters
hfsprogs 332.25-3 Utilities for creating and managing HFS/HFS+ file systems
hidapi 0.12.0-1 Simple library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices
hook-uname 20230430-1 A system-level hack to let kernel report the native architecture
hotdoc 0.13.7 A API documentation generator
hpricot 0.8.6-5 A lightweight HTML parser library
hspell 1.4-3 Hebrew spell checker
htop 1:3.2.2 A top-like interactive process viewer
http-parser 2.9.4 Parser for HTTP Request/Response written in C
httpd 2.4.55 Apache HTTP Server
hunspell 1.7.0-4 Spell checker and morphological analyzer library and program
hunter 0.1.4 Tool to detect unsupported packages on your system
hwloc 1.11.10-3 Portable Hardware Locality
hyphen 2.8.8-7 Library for high quality hyphenation and justification
ibus 1.5.25-1 Intelligent Input Bus (input method engine)
icu 64.2-4 International Components for Unicode

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